A Touch of Autumn

A Touch of AutumnShe’s playing with fire…

Sinead O’Sullivan’s life destroyed when she is accused of stealing a fabulous ruby called the Fire of Autumn. Her search for the real thief leads her to the shady underworld world of Parisian BDSM clubs and into the arms of private investigator Niall Moore.

The attraction between them is white hot, but that’s not their biggest problem. Their hunt for the jewel draws them into a web of intrigue, blackmail and danger. Believing that the ruby will change hands at an exclusive fetish ball, Niall and Sinead must pose as Mistress and Slave – a role the fiercely Dominant investigator resists.

Niall may play at being her submissive in public, but in private he wants Sinead in his bed and under his command.

And before the party is over, the sparks are going to fly …

A standalone erotic short story from the author of The Pleasures of Winter, The Pleasures of Summer and The Pleasures of Autumn
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