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Front cover of The Pleasures of AutumnJuly 2013

Autumn is coming soon! And The Pleasures of Autumn is nearing completion. It is due for release on October 31st. And for a lucky few, there will be free signed copies of The Pleasures of Autumn to win. Anyone who subscribes to the Evie Hunter News on this website has a chance of winning one. Also anyone who follows Evie Hunters Twitter account @PleasuresWinter or Likes her Facebook page. That’s three chances to win a free signed copy of The Pleasures of Winter. Good Luck!

May 2013

We’re getting ready here at Pleasures Towers for the release of the second in the Pleasures series, The Pleasures of Summer. For all the latest Evie news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for Evie’s newsletter.

January 2013

Introducing… The Pleasures of Summer! Coming May 2013.

Romancing The Book reviews The Pleasures of Winter—and loves it!

This Bookish Endeavor has written a fabulous review of Winter—and illustrated it with some pictures we most definitely approve of… Thank you!

Caroline and Eileen are interviewed about The Pleasures of Winter on

Reveal… um, reveals (!) their second steamy extract from The Pleasures of Winter.

The Irish Independent says The Pleasures of Winter is “a bonkbuster with a shade more colour than Grey…” Um, their words, not ours! Read the review here.

Caroline, one half of Evie Hunter, is busy bringing Book 2 to life:

Reveal picks The Pleasures of Winter for its first steamy erotica extract!

December 2012

Evie’s festive 12 Days of Pleasures promotion launches!

Caroline shows us around her (very neat!) writing room on

Red, Hot and Green: The Irish Independent meets the new generation of Irish women climbing up the erotic fiction bestseller lists—including Caroline and Eileen.

November 2012

Novelicious has Evie Hunter’s Top 5 Writing Tips.

Eileen and Caroline are delighted to be interviewed today on the fabulous Cocktails and Books! Head over there to read all about how The Pleasures of Winter came about…

The perfect post for all you writers out there struggling to get to the end of NaNoWriMo: 5 Ways to Write When You Don’t Want To—a guest post by Evie on the blog of the wonderful author Talli Roland!

Eileen has a fabulous piece on the Eason’s Blog today: what exactly is in a Build Your Own Hero Kit?

“Since we all want a romantic hero, and they are in short supply, Eileen Gormley (one half of erotic fiction writing duo Evie Hunter) has provided us with a handy “Build Your Own Hero Kit” (BYOHK) so that you can custom-design your own Romance Hero…”

Sarah of Feeling Fictional has posted her review of The Pleasures of Winter—and (phew!) she really liked it!

“These authors can certainly write a hot scene though and I appreciated the fact that they show a healthy attitude towards D/s relationships … The Pleasures of Winter is perfect for fans of erotic romance that is heavy on the romance but still contains a little kink. If you’re looking for something hot and steamy with intense chemistry then you can’t go wrong with this one. I really hope that we get to see more of these characters in the future but I’ll be looking forward to anything that these authors come up with.”

We had a fabulous time at our launch in Dubray Books. Thanks to all who attended and Dubray for hosting. See more pics on Dubray’s Facebook page.

Cherise on Goodreads gave Pleasures 5/5 and I really think we should have some T-shirts made up with this phrase from her review (in bold):

“Sexcapades delivered with a bit o’ pain by a beautiful Irishman. Yum! Everyone should roll around a bit in The Pleasures of Winter. Wickedly Delicious!”

It also looks like Pleasures will hold it’s #3 position in the bestseller charts this week. A massive THANK YOU to all who’ve bought it!

Patricia O’Reilly blogged about attending our launch and the little thank you present we gave to our editor, Patricia Deevy… [Sly grin]

Big day today: a (fabulous!) review, an interview with both Eileen and Caroline AND a chance to win a copy of The Pleasures of Winter, all thanks to the lovely ladies at Book Passion for Life.

Also, look what the lovely Clíona of Penguin Ireland spotted in the window of Dubray Books:

Eileen and Caroline share their favourite books with the Girly Book Club.

So excited to enter the Irish fiction charts at No.3! Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of The Pleasures of Winter this week.

You can now “meet” Eileen and Caroline—Penguin have just released this video interview with them. Watch for more about The Pleasures of Winter, and why they think erotic fiction holds such appeal.


A special mention has to go to Blacky’s amazing (and hilarious!) 4* review on Goodreads, because it comes illustrated with GIFs! This has to be my favourite one:


Siobhán of Totally Bookalicious loved The Pleasures of Winter so much, she didn’t know where to start!

The Pleasures of Winter is one of those rare books that has stolen my heart, my mind and my soul … I loved it that much. I was hooked from page one right up until the last page. I got so caught up within the story that I was actually heartbroken when the book finished because I didn’t want it to end … The two authors have created a flawless, exciting and down right steamy read that will stay with you long after your finish.”

Thank you SO MUCH Siobhán for your wonderful review—we’re glad you love Abbie & Jack as much as we do. Read Siobhán’s full review here.

Also today, Caroline was delighted to be interviewed by her fellow romance author Sally Clements for Ireland’s biggest writing resource, Read the interview here.

And Caroline has been very busy, because she also has a fantastic interview over on Novelicious, in which she and Novelicious agree on the many delightful attributes of one Eric Northman, among other things…

Meanwhile on Goodreads, reviewer Sarah O’Grady gave Pleasures 5 stars (thank you!), saying:

“What can I say it took my breath away … It was a truly intimate love story … I laughed, I cried, I got frustrated with Abbie because of the way he was treating her … but as the story went on I got to understand Jack a bit more and realised why he was like this. [He] truly loved Abbie … It was an awesome read and very well written. I loved it and hope they write [more].”

Oh, and she loved the scene with the feather! (Don’t we all…?)

Eileen has a guest post on Totally Bookalicious today as part of their “Naughty November”, where there’s also a chance to win a copy of The Pleasures of Winter.

Caroline and Eileen have a guest post on Minxes of Romance, Things I’ve Discovered Since I Started Writing Erotica.

Marleen of More Than A Reading Journal gave The Pleasures of Winter four stars.

“I enjoyed this book. It is a nice combination of romance and erotica with a little bit of mystery and suspense thrown in … If the standard of this book is anything to go by these are two writers who are very well versed in their craft. The writing flowed easily, the reading was smooth and the story was very well paced.”

Tome Tender gave The Pleasures of Winter 4 out of 5 stars, saying:

“There are some very steamy BDSM scenes also some very interesting internet play … The Pleasures of Winter is explosive, action packed, and a very interesting original story.”

A Bookish Way of Life loved The Pleasures of Winter, and we loved her review!

“With The Pleasures of Winter, you do get some of the same elements from Fifty Shades: the intense physical attraction between characters, the contract of a BDSM relationship, and loads of sex.  However, that is where the similarities end.  Where Fifty Shades lacked in quality, Pleasures prevailed.  This book was written in a smart and sassy tone that reminded me a bit of the chick-lit genre –  which I love!  The female characters were strong women who worked hard, valued their relationships and weren’t just waiting around for love to come and find them …  [It’s] about more than just sex.”

We also have a guest post today on, Writing Hot Romance.

1st November: Publication day. The Pleasures of Winter is out now. And we are so excited to be #1 on iTunes Ireland!

The Pleasures of Winter Goodreads giveaway opens today. Enter here.

Novelicious reviews The Pleasures of Winter and gives it 8/10. Their reviewer Jennifer Joyce said she “enjoyed it immensely” and found it “compelling”.

Caroline and Eileen interviewed on TV3 (Ireland). Watch the clip on the TV3 website.

October 2012

Evie Hunter, AKA Caroline McCall and Eileen Gormley, interviewed about The Pleasures of Winter on the John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio. You can listen to a podcast of their interview here.

We love the picture The Book Boyfriend posted as what she imagines Jack Winter looks like—even more than her great review. 5/5 fluttering hearts!

30 October 2012

A few lucky Goodreads reviewers got their hands on advance copies of The Pleasures of Winter, and the verdict is in…

Ms. Reality Bookworm rated it 5 stars and said there was so much action and excitement, she couldn’t put it down. She also found the sexual tension “thick and exciting”. Her verdict:

“Awesome book! If you are a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey or Bared to You, you must read this book!”

Read the full review here.

Terri (AKA Mrs. Christian Grey) also gave it 5 stars and said it was “extremely well written” and in terms of steaminess, The Pleasures of Winter was “scorching”! Read the full review here.

Shona Wanderlust liked it too.

“The book was deliciously titillating! I loved the characters and the story. I also love the sex scenes, they were seriously steamy … I do not believe I will ever be able to look at a feather again without feeling dirty!”

Read the full review here.

With a username like I Love Lady Porn I think we can trust this Goodreads user when she says that The Pleasures of Winter is “so very, very hot”. Her overall verdict? “Wow, this book is amazing.” Read the full review here.

Chandra gave The Pleasures of Winter 4 stars, saying it was a “steamy read” and that “the sex was great”! Read the full review here.

Why not write your own review? Find Evie Hunter on