Finding love on the Internet (when you are not looking for it)

A Touch of PassionI don’t want to mention my age, but let’s just say I have teenage children and I wasn’t a child bride. In general, getting older is great, you gain more confidence as you worry less what other people think. I’ve even found I’m more attractive to a lot of guys. But I’ve discovered that women of a certain age attract one group that I could do without.

I’m on various social media websites. In theory, this is so I can tell people how wonderful the next book is going to be—and yes, A Touch of Passion will blow you away. In reality, it’s because I love to talk. Most of the people I meet are lovely, warm and genuine. But there are exceptions.

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The Pleasures of Summer has arrived in France


Wonderful news for french fans of Evie Hunter. The Pleasures of Summer has just arrived in France and is called Les Plaisirs d’Été. It has shot up to #10 on the Amazon Erotisme charts already. It is available in book and kindle formats.

Buy Les Plaisirs d’Été in book format on Amazon France

Buy Les Plaisirs d’Été in kindle format on Amazon France

What Evie did next

Evie Hunter shares her summer plans and her latest news about forthcoming books.

Four books, five novellas, two years. Yes, the past twenty four months have been a rollercoaster ride for the ladies who make up Evie Hunter. With the launch of The Pleasures of Spring, they’re taking time out to travel, muse and battle the dust bunnies.

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Book Drop – coping with the post publication blues

Dirty GirlsThe party is over. The last of the Pleasures seasons has been published. My skyscraper heels are back in the closet, along with the souvenir glossy poster and the last of the book launch invitations. It’s time to get my old life back. But after a few days of tackling the army of dust bunnies that invaded while I was busy writing, it hit me.


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Blog Hop – The Writing Process

Many thanks to the wonderful Dianne Ashcroft who started this blog-hop tour and to Patricia O’Reilly who very kindly allowed invited us to join. You can read her blog at

Cover of The Pleasures of SpringThe Writing Process blog hop is an opportunity for writers to answer questions about how they write and what works for them. First up, what are we working on now? Continue reading